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Mobile Detailing Services/ exterior detailing

Full Diamond Detail
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Mobile Detailing Services

Interior & Exterior
Cars……..$129 – $199+ $199 – $249
Mid Size SUV…..$149 – 199+ $199 – $249
Full Size SUV 3rd Row $179 – $249+$199 – $299
Large/ 3rd Row/Heavy Soil….. $199 – $279 $299+ – 

100%  HAND  Wash,
Clay Bar Treatment TBD
(Decontamination of Paint)
Polish & Light Buff
Light Color Correction Remediation
(Restore Shine, Car Wash Damage 
Remove Light Scratches)
Hybrid Sealant Application Option
Anti Bacterial Treatment
Headlight Restoration
Hot Water Extraction TBD
Vacuum, Brush Clean all Carpet and Upholstery
Full Shampoo Interior, Mats and Upholstery
Headliner Clean & Shampoo
Clean Seat Belts – Steering Column – Cup Holders
Door Panels, Seals, Jambs
Thoroughly Clean & Sanitize Interior
Leather Condition or Dress Complete Interior
Oder Spot Stain Removal, Air System Cleanse


Boats…..$10 – $25ft

RV…..$9 – $25ft

Interior Detail

Cars……..$99 – $199
Mid Size SUV/ Truck/ Van…..$99 – $199
Full Size SUV/ Truck/ Van….. $99- $199
Large/ 3rd Row/SUV/Heavy Soil.. $99- $249

Full Shampoo
Hot Water Extraction TBD
Brush & Vacuum Carpets, Mats, Upholstery
Vacuum Trunk
Dashboard & Instrumental Panel Cleaned
Center Console, Cracks Crevices, Cup, Holders Cleaned
Spot & Stain Treatment
All Door Panels Cleaned
Seat Belts & Buttons Cleaned
Doors Emptied, Cleaned and Objects Replaced
Leather Conditioning
Interior Dressed and Conditioned With UV Protection
Windows Are Cleaned In & Out
Cabin Filter Located Inspected
Mobile Detailing Services/ Exterior detailing

Exterior Detailing

Exterior Only

Cars……..$99 – $199+
Mid Size SUV/ Truck/ Van…..$99 – $199+
Full Size SUV/ Truck/ Van….. $99 – $199+
Large/ 3rd Row/SUV/Heavy Soil.. $99- $199+

Hand Wash
Clean Rims & Dress Tires
Clean all Jambs & Seals
Remove Bugs & Road Tar
Headlight Restoration (Minor Included)
Clay Bar Treatment
Machine Polish or Glaze
Hybrid Sealant Application

 We carry the Mighty Lite 8070 Hot Water Steamer on Board

ESTABLISHED 2010 – Trusted
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Clay Bar Treatment

Foam Bath

Pressure Washing Services

Tire and Wheel Dressing

Rubbing Compound

Paint Swirl Removal

Protective Coatings

Wheel Dressing

Disinfecting Treatments

Air Freshener

Headlight Restoration

Grease Removal

Tar removal

Bug removal


Cleaning of Vents

Wax Application

UV Protection

Poly Sealant

Synthetic Sealant

Rain-X Window Treatment

Leather Conditioning Treatment

Leather Cleaning

Chrome Polishing

Paint Buffing and Polishing
***we reserve the right to not clean you’re vehicle and to increase quoted price given over the phone prior to seeing vehicle. all vehicles have different conditions paint types and wear.