Why is Wax Important?

The Importance of Regular Car Waxing

Although waxing may not seem like an important aspect of car maintenance, it is just as important as regularly washing the vehicle or getting the oil changed after 3000 miles of driving. By understanding the reasons that it is important to regularly wax a car, it is easier to make arrangements for a professional to get it done properly.

Maintaining Shine

When a car drives off the lot, the paint is shining and beautiful. Over time, that shine begins to dull as dust and contaminants pile up on the car. Washing the vehicle may remove some of the dirt, but the paint can still look dull after the car is washed.

Professional waxing can result in a beautiful shine that makes the paint look as good as it did the day that the car left the showroom.

Preventing Contamination

Waxing a car provides a layer of protection over the paint. Airborne contaminants will slowly eat away at the wax instead of chewing through the paint. It helps protect the paint and the car from bugs, acid rain or any other contaminants that may corrode through the paint.

If contaminants are allowed to burrow into the paint, it will damage the appearance of the car. The only solution after the paint starts to corrode is getting it repainted. Unfortunately, that is an expensive project. A little maintenance and prevention is much less costly than painting the entire car.

Simplifying Cleaning

Since wax is slippery, it makes the process of cleaning a vehicle a little easier. Instead of scrubbing through dirt and grime, the layer of wax on the car allows most of it to rinse away. The remaining dirt will clean off easily with soap and warm water.

By waxing the car regularly, it is easier to maintain a clean vehicle. The process of cleaning the car is less time consuming, so car owners can easily remove dirt between professional washings.

Making Scratches Less Noticeable

Waxing a vehicle will not eliminate scratches that are in the paint, but it can help hide them. A layer of wax fills in the space so that the scratches are less noticeable. It has the best impact on shallow scratches, which may not be noticeable after waxing, but it can help reduce the appearance of any scratches in the paint.

Professional Waxing

As a general rule, it is best to have a professional wax the vehicle at least once every three months. If the area has a high level of corrosive materials in the air, then it may be necessary to wax the vehicle more often to maintain the appearance of the paint. Professional waxing will ensure that the right type of wax is used on the vehicle and a professional can offer advice about when to bring the car in next based on the location.

Washing a car is not enough to maintain the beauty of the paint. The only way to keep a car looking new and prevent the paint from being damaged by contaminants in the air is by waxing it regularly.